Anti Wrinkle Injections Melbourne


Anti Wrinkle Injections Melbourne



Allure Skin, located on Latrobe St in Melbourne CBD, is a beauty salon. The highly trained and experienced practitioners are carefully recruited and go through months of training. If you have ever considered anti wrinkle injections Melbourne but haven’t yet tried them yourself, Allure Skin is definitely the salon you should choose. Anti wrinkle injections, being one of the most popular anti-ageing treatment, are the most efficient solution to create a natural-looking rejuvenation of your face, giving a  youthful, smooth, and refreshed appearance.

Everybody wishes to look and feel younger, our anti wrinkle injections offer a simple way to relax certain wrinkle-causing muscles without pain. Injections practised at Allure Skin, are composed of a natural protein, which is completely safe. The needles used, do not go deep into the skin, can cause a very subtle tingle. However, it is very tolerable and comfortable. Our therapists make certain that every client is fully instructed about our processes. We frequently use these injections as one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the beauty industry. Allure Skin is committed to providing a qualitative service and privacy to our clientele.

Anti wrinkle injections MELBOURNE

WHAT is an anti wrinkle injections treatment?

The role of anti wrinkle cosmetic injections is to relax certain muscles within the face. It softens and prevents the evolution of some expression lines. Indeed, the brain sends signals to facial muscles, causing them to move. This is the main starting point of wrinkles making an appearance. The substance injected is actually a muscle relaxant provisionally inhibiting these signals. As a consequence, less movement is created, muscles are relaxed and wrinkles naturally disappear. Your face will look naturally younger, smoother and softer. It is important to note that anti-wrinkle injections do not immediately improve lines that are present at rest, these can be treated with dermal fillers. However, a repetitive number of injections over time can result in improvement of these static lines. There is absolutely no downtime to anti wrinkle injections and it isn’t noticeable after immediate treatment.




anti wrinkle injections melbourne





anti wrinkle injections melbourne cbd


We inject into the small facial muscles that cause wrinkles, blocking nerve signals so the muscles fully relax and the wrinkles disappear. 

The most popular targeted areas are ;

  • The lines across the Forehead
  • Crow’s feet
  • The worry lines in between the eyebrows

We can also target :

  • The neck area
  • Bunny lines, lip, mouth lines and jawline
  • The chin
  • Areas of sweating such as underarms


HOW is anti wrinkle treatment performed?

At Allure Skin, we perform anti wrinkle injections Melbourne with a proven safety record. Our patients acknowledge our techniques to be extremely efficient, we apply ourselves to improve our techniques so as to reduce bruising, downtime and discomfort. The injections are delivered where desired the most and we aim at restoring your vibrant and youthful appearance. We also wish to maintain your personality and the facial expressions you love. We will remove imperfections that you feel requires a treatment.

The treatment itself consists of several injections, administered via a fine tiny needle. The number of injections required depends on the area treated, the strength of the muscles at the treated area and the existing lines and wrinkles. The number of units needed will be determined upfront at your first consultation.

As general guidelines for the most treated areas, here is an idea of how many units are required:

  • Forehead: 15-35 units
  • Crow’s feet: 7-20 units per side
  • Eyebrows : 50 units

When being treated with our anti wrinkle injections solutions, it is important to evaluate and tailor a customised treatment plan as a maintenance treatment need to be organised every few months. Our practitioners will design a personalized program during your initial consultation for you.

For more information about our anti wrinkle injections Melbourne, please book your free consultation now, or give us a call. We are subject to consultation and we welcome your inquiries and bookings to discuss your treatment.



Sabine Hamm
Sabine Hamm
05:40 26 Nov 17
The best looking lashes professionally done to last to the max. Dr Lee makes sure she knows what you truly want. Then she offers what she sees with you and says it genuinely whether something needs to be done or not. Procedures done are painless too. I keep coming back. Before this place I was hardly satisfied with any job done. Great service
Yanqi Ai
Yanqi Ai
04:03 31 Jan 18
The service of this shop is fantastic. I did massage and face care in this shop, i like it very much. The price is reasonable. I would suggest your guys to have a try.
Alan Duong
Alan Duong
09:59 26 Jan 18
Professional and friendly staff. Their Dr Spiller facial delivered amazing results leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. Definitely recommend!
Yuh Hwang
Yuh Hwang
09:05 31 Jan 18
I loved my ear piercing experience with Mandy. Its a beautiful salon, clean, quick and painless experience. Thank you.
mashu mat
mashu mat
11:41 27 Jan 18
Best place i ever been. Friendly staffs, quick and professional. Also do mens brazilian waxing.
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