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Brazilian Waxing Melbourne


Allure Skin is your one-stop location for a wide range of beauty treatments, ranging from medical interventions to general body & face treatments. Our beauty therapists are experts in female and male Brazilian waxing Melbourne services, as well as legs, arms, eyebrows, …

Here at Allure Skin, we take pride to offer exceptional, affordable, discreet and high-quality services in a welcoming environment highly focused on hygiene. Our team is ensuring that you are at ease during your Brazilian waxing treatment and in love with the results. We use advanced techniques to guarantee excellence and efficiency for all our clients. We know how to deal with sensitive areas and hot products while carrying out delicate operations.


females & males Brazilian Waxing Melbourne

Hygienic Solutions

It goes without saying that a good establishment needs to be highly focused on hygienic hair removal. At Allure Skin, one of our focal points is in maintaining a clean and highly hygienic environment. We perform our Brazilian waxing Melbourne services in the safest and most hygienic way. In opposite of most salons, our ethics forbids us to double dip our wax spatulas. We have disposable gloves for single use treatment and ensure that there are no risks of cross-contamination.

Our friendly therapists can advise female and male clients to ensure you receive an adapted treatment, selecting the best options for you. Before & after to service, we will offer complimentary towelette to freshen up and waxing lotions to protect your skin.

When walking in Allure Skin for a Brazilian waxing Melbourne service, you are getting in a fresh, clean and highly hygienic room. Our therapists ensure high-level standards of cleanliness and skill.





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female brazilian waxing melbourne cbd

Before & After Care


A good waxing experience and results are directly related to what you do before & after receiving treatment. We focus on before & aftercare to ensure your comfort in between waxes.

We recommend our clients to arrive with clean skin, without moisturizers or skin lotions. We can provide antibacterial towelettes for you to freshen up before your Brazilian waxing. If you are concerned about the treatment comfort or if it is your first-time Brazilian wax, you may want to attenuate the possible pain and sensitivity with a paracetamol an hour before the appointment.

We also recommend wearing loose cotton clothing to allow the skin to breathe and avoid discomfort when moving after the treatment. Avoid any beauty products or lotions for a couple days on the treated skin. When the skin has calmed, it is possible to use a gentle moisturizer or lotion.


Contact us 

 If you have any concerns or questions, contact us to request a consultation. Our salon is located in the heart of Melbourne on Latrobe St, for a convenient and easy access.

Book in to experience our meticulous & soft touch.



Sabine Hamm
Sabine Hamm
05:40 26 Nov 17
The best looking lashes professionally done to last to the max. Dr Lee makes sure she knows what you truly want. Then she offers what she sees with you and says it genuinely whether something needs to be done or not. Procedures done are painless too. I keep coming back. Before this place I was hardly satisfied with any job done. Great service
Yanqi Ai
Yanqi Ai
04:03 31 Jan 18
The service of this shop is fantastic. I did massage and face care in this shop, i like it very much. The price is reasonable. I would suggest your guys to have a try.
Alan Duong
Alan Duong
09:59 26 Jan 18
Professional and friendly staff. Their Dr Spiller facial delivered amazing results leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. Definitely recommend!
Yuh Hwang
Yuh Hwang
09:05 31 Jan 18
I loved my ear piercing experience with Mandy. Its a beautiful salon, clean, quick and painless experience. Thank you.
mashu mat
mashu mat
11:41 27 Jan 18
Best place i ever been. Friendly staffs, quick and professional. Also do mens brazilian waxing.
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