Skin Needling Melbourne


Skin Needling Melbourne


At Allure Skin, beauty salon situated in Latrobe St. in Melbourne, we have a highly qualified team of therapists with a vast experience in diverse treatments and skin care services. For Skin Needling Melbourne, our establishment is the best possible place to be taken care of. Our extensive knowledge, recurrent training, and ability to continuously improve our services make us one of the leading beauty boutiques in Melbourne & its immediate close suburbs.

Nowadays, everybody want to be looking and feeling fabulous. Allure Skin’s practitioners offer a simple, painless and quick resolution to your skin problems. Skin needling is the safest solution to rejuvenate your damaged skin and acne. Our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care for each and every customer. The most important when performing skin needling is the beautician experience. Skin needling Melbourne service is a friendly treatment for different skin conditions. Our knowledgeable team will take ample time to assess the condition of your skin, whether it is the solution for you or not and prepare you for a personalised treatment, ensuring the process is as comfortable as possible


Skin needling MELBOURNE 

WHAT is skin needling & how does it work?

Skin needling treatment consists of regenerating and rejuvenating damaged skin. it involves a safe insertion of microneedles deep into the dermal layers. A derma-roller with microneedle is used with needles varying from 0.5 to 2.5 mm. These needles have for aim to instigate a specific and controlled minuscule wound and precise point of bleeding. By activating this natural reaction, the body will react accordingly by releasing collagen in the stimulated areas. Collagen is the main factor for acne scarring and skin repairs. These caused “injuries” to the skin is completed with minimal damages to the outer skin layers, ensuring a safe and comfortable uplift of collagen for a period lasting up to 12 months. The treatment has been created to encourage the skin to repair itself over time with less risk of skin pigmentation than laser treatments. Our skin needling Melbourne treatment is fast ( approx. 30 minutes), efficient and effective.

At Allure Skin, we are highly qualified and trained to recommend fewer treatments with the longest needles available. Indeed, a more “hostile” treatment will increase the body reaction and get better results. The skin will get thicker, more voluminous, ampler and emit a youthful appearance.




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what are the immediate & long-term skin improvements?

Skin Needling is recommended to treat minor skin damages such as :

  • Depressed Acne Scars ;
  • Scar Reduction ;
  • Uneven Skin Tone ;
  • Pore Size Reduction
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

Face, hands, neck, back and chest can be treated with skin needling Melbourne, but most commonly only the face is treated.

It naturally helps in correcting skin texture and increasing the skin firmness and elasticity.

Before considering a treatment, there are several cases where it isn’t recommended. You can always book a consultation to discuss your case. However, we do not recommend skin needling in the following instances :

  • Recent dermal fillers injections
  • Areas with raised moles/warts
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Open wounds, cuts
  • Sun burnt skin
  • Certain medication which could cause longer healing process

Do not hesitate to consult our friendly staff, they can discuss your skin type and help in selecting the best treatment for your skin condition.

In addition to a skin needling treatment, additional treatment can be considered to enhance the effects of the treatment and increase the production of collagen.

As instance, it is possible to add tropical retinoids.

As age, sun and pollutants are considerably damaging our skin, our skin needling Melbourne treatment is the solution to restore a youthful and fresh looking.

any side effects?

Usually, you will experience some redness immediately after treatment for up to a week. Time off-work may be required to correctly heal. Additionally, it is recurrent to observe swelling that could persevere for a few days. Moreover, an increase in sweating and weeping of the skin for up to 24 hours is decreased by the application of a dressing post-treatment. It is very unlikely to get infected on the treated areas as the skin isn’t removed.

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Honestly, skin needling Melbourne treatment doesn’t hurt as much as you could imagine. Compared to others treatments, the pain isn’t much … Of course, needles are involved but they are so thin that it feels more like a toothbrush sweeping over the treated area. Everyone’s tolerance for pain and discomfort is different. Some patients will not feel anything and some will simply feel a  surprisingly minimal discomfort.

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The first step is to contact us for a skin assessment consultation where we will discuss your needs and expectations as well as a realistic outcome. Our treatments are very friendly and personalised to every client condition.


Sabine Hamm
Sabine Hamm
05:40 26 Nov 17
The best looking lashes professionally done to last to the max. Dr Lee makes sure she knows what you truly want. Then she offers what she sees with you and says it genuinely whether something needs to be done or not. Procedures done are painless too. I keep coming back. Before this place I was hardly satisfied with any job done. Great service
Yanqi Ai
Yanqi Ai
04:03 31 Jan 18
The service of this shop is fantastic. I did massage and face care in this shop, i like it very much. The price is reasonable. I would suggest your guys to have a try.
Alan Duong
Alan Duong
09:59 26 Jan 18
Professional and friendly staff. Their Dr Spiller facial delivered amazing results leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. Definitely recommend!
Yuh Hwang
Yuh Hwang
09:05 31 Jan 18
I loved my ear piercing experience with Mandy. Its a beautiful salon, clean, quick and painless experience. Thank you.
mashu mat
mashu mat
11:41 27 Jan 18
Best place i ever been. Friendly staffs, quick and professional. Also do mens brazilian waxing.
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